Not all relationships are created equal. Sometimes, we’re not looking for emotional intimacy — we just want companionship. Or passion.

I don’t think it would be right to stay in a relationship in which one person thought it was going to lead to happy-ever-after; that’s being dishonest.

But, is it dishonest to hang around just because he knows how to get you off?

And is that any better or worse than staying in a relationship that offers you a lot of other nice things except great sex (a dilemma Lance of Honey and Lance has blogged about and to which dating pro Evan Marc Katz advised that there’s always a trade-off)?

You can actually learn how to be a better lover; it isn’t quite that easy to learn how to be less of a bore.

Ever stay in a relationship just for the sex?
Ever stay in a relationship even though the sex wasn’t great?
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